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Ana 2018
Ana 2018

Hi, my name is Ana, I was born in Denver Colorado,  raised in San Diego California and in Caracas, Venezuela. I am a mom of 2 girls living in Broomfield Colorado, when I am not talking photos I work in Data Engineering.

Why I shoot?

During my childhood, my dad was very passionate about taking pictures of us as a family. Even though I did not grow up in the era of mobile phones that could take pictures, or in the era of Instagram or Facebook,  I was so fortunate that my dad shared the same passion as I do today and that he took so many pictures of our family. They are the greatest treasure that we can look at today and remember the great times of when we were growing up.

It is really such an amazing feeling to be able to look back in time and to be able to share that feeling and capture those special memories for my clients is why I love to shoot.

Why I believe Images are important?

I think a photo can be very powerful, it is a ticket back to a moment in time that is otherwise gone. We have good memory but our photographic memory seems to blur away as years pass by. Being able to look at images and be reminded of moments in life is like being able to live them all over again! I hope you follow what I mean.

How can we best tell the stories of our lives to our children and our grandkids one day if it is not through images?
Below are some images of my family taken by a great friend @imagesbychantal in Florida.

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